Igor Pancaldi  Creative Director


2014— 2015

To demo Stevanato’s top selling industrial vial making machine, would take not less than 9 months and costly transportation as it weighs about 8 tonnes. We gave their clients an even better experience and scalability for a fraction of the cost using VR.  

We created a visual signage system to help people navigate through the experience with reactive signs that activated on proximity.

Visual Design: Cris Mascort


2016— 2018

To support an increasing majority of people with diabetes we were asked to go ‘beyond the pill’ and launch a service to tackle the soft side of the diease - A psicological  journey the patient takes dealing with diabetes everyday. We created DBE Your diabetes lifecoach.

We started by designing a brand system that would adapt across channels based on 3 principles: Knowledge, behaviour and wellbeing. Know. Do. Be.

We designed interaction based on gestures that got inspidred by the Zen symbol of Enso. Repetition bring balance.

A background combination would track the patient mood based on the three principles of knowledge, behaviour and wellbeing.

The app would daily track the patient feedback and adapting the right content and task based on that.

Visual Design: Mariona Ortiz