Igor Pancaldi  Creative Director

I'm a Creative Director with over 20 years experience spanning communications, campaigns, branding, experiences, products and services and the creative use of AI.

My background in illustration and visual arts means I can follow something through from conceptual inception to high fidelity execution and craft. But I know that the best way to get to great work is to create the space for a team to play and guide them in a way that gets them to places they never thought possible.

I work at pace, iterating as I go with my team. Blending agile ways of working with traditional creative processes to give creativity a chance in increasingly challenging business environments.

I achieve this by embracing new technologies that give creativity super-powers - designing into code, prototyping and using creative collaboration tools that break down time and distance.
I believe in the power of unexpected partnerships to create new and unique combinations of skills and experiences to open new possibilities.

From technology to strategy to copy to campaigns to editors and animators. When you embrace different perspectives, you change what's possible.

I'm at my best when I'm helping to combine multiple disciplines in a creative process. Bringing humanity to digital experiences and giving stories the systems and infrastructure they need to move through today's (and tomorrow's) culture.

I'm a Milanese father of two, living and working in London since 1999, painting to stay sane. I've lived and working in Italy, Singapore and the UK and speak Italian, Spanish and English.

Check out my art on Insta @alterigor

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