Igor Pancaldi  Creative Director

Microsoft ‘People of Action’

2014— 2015

We wanted to drag attention to Microsoft new range of phones with people’s own motion, embodying their brand ethos of people of action. Using Microsoft Kinect we translated people’s movement into an abstract animation generated in real time.



Inspired by the art installation of Form, tracking olympic atheletes movement during the games generating data.

We used Microsoft Kintect motion detection to attract customers in flagship stores

And in public displays creating buzz and awareness.

Visual Design: Daniel Saxton

Windows 10 emulator

2014— 2015

Microsoft asked us to find a unique way to explain Windows 10 to the world. We created an interface with one simple navigation that answered all possible questions about the operating system.

It was fully integrated into Microsoft.com as a support tool. It gave full guidance for phone, tablet and PC devices.

With over 140 tutorial films shot live holding and operating the phone to give the real experience.

Visual Design: Darren Whitney

Premium purchase journey

2014— 2015

A new concept re-inventing the online Microsoft mobile commerce platform.