Igor Pancaldi  Creative Director



R/GA partnered with Knorr and IPG agencies to elevate the latest Knorr campaign of ‘Eativist’, a movement thought to change people’s behaviour about eating. In order to hero 50 vegetables ( named Future 50 ) that are good for your health and for the planet by having a very low carbon footprint, I took charge in illustrating all the natural ingredients to create a versatile toolkit of characters to use across various platforms of communications.

Each and one of them were painted in great detail, to retain the level of realism of the original ingredient.

By having a systematic approach to characters, I’ve generated a toolkit to assemble and use them in different contexts. Crafting expressions to make them talk and sing.

Their first and original application has been on the Knorr Recepedia recipes site, launched in Mexico.

︎ Recepedia site

Every ingredient has a personal card to explain its benefits and how to cook with them.

The future vision is to generate a series of collaterals to support the communication strategy during the global launch.