Igor Pancaldi  Creative Director


2014— 2015

To keep GAME retailer relevant, we had to connect with the gamers community by uniting them under a single currency: MY GAME

Every time a gamer joins, a star is born. This becomes a unique identifier in a universe owned by GAME. This is ever expanding and retains a number of galaxies by gamers categories.

The gamer would build up a profile based on ranking scored by playing. The ranking builds up individual stars influences by the different game activity. The gamer will associate with other gamers affiliated to the same galaxies and passion points.

An awareness campaign would introduce the new concept.

In-store installation would re position the role of stores more as gaming gathering spaces for e-sports.

A strategic roadmap to transform their business creating a Universal Ranking System (URS) and reward gamers across all platforms.

But to get there we had to start by restyling their identity

Senior Visual Designer: Elaine Cunningham